Forms and publications

FORMS (in use as of 16 May 2020)

Request for the grant of a patent - P-1 Form 259 KB 40 KB
Request for the registration of a utility model - UM-1 Form 229 KB 37 KB
Request for issuance/extension of duration of SPC - S-1 Form 275 KB 37 KB
Request for entering into Registar of European patent - PE-1 Form 205 KB 32 KB
Request for entry of a change in the registars - P-2 Form 230 KB 32 KB
Request for correction of mistakes - P-3 Form 119 KB 29 KB
Request for information and patent search 1.192 KB    
Standard form for notification in accordance with Article 5(2) (b) or (c) of Regulation EC No.469/2009 (as amended) - SPC Waiver notification        


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