06 | 11 | 2012

A New Agreement on Common Regional CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service) Trade Mark Search Signed


Within the framework of the meeting of the Administrative Board of the European Patent Organization, held in Munich on 25 and 26 October 2012, Directors of the national intellectual property offices of the countries of the Central Europe region signed a new Agreement on the Common Provision of CETMOS (Central European Trade Mark Observation Service) Trade Mark Search.

The first CETMOS Agreement was signed in 2007, by national offices of 9 countries of the Central Europe: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Development occurring in the field of the European trademark system and services provided by national offices has entailed the need for redefinition of the existing service framework.   

Pursuant to the new Agreement a redefined CETMOS service provides the users with the possibility to choose among 9 countries in which CETMOS service is provided, the one in which search is to be carried out, as well as with the shortening of a report delivery period to not more than one week.

The user continues to file a single request for CETMOS search service, obtains a single compiled search result and effects payment at a single spot.

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