04 | 07 | 2016

Croatia joins the Federated European Patent Register

The European Patent Register contains all the publicly available data on European patent applications and European patents in the various stages of the patent granting procedure, including oppositions. The Federated Register is an additional section built into the EP Register that provides data on the legal status of an EP patent document in the validation procedure in national phase of each Member State of the European Patent Organization.

At the moment only following member states provide data to the Federated Register service: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

This common European entry point makes possible for users to access national register data in a harmonised way reducing the uncertainty on the legal status of a European Patent by allowing the public the following legal information: the status of the patent document, the number under which it is published, the proprietor, whether or not a patent is currently in force, invalidation date (withdrawal, revocation, lapse or expiry), when renewal fees were last paid, and when the national register was last updated. (Contents provided via FEPR).

This Federated register service is of special interest for patent professionals, such as patent attorneys, IP consultants or industry representatives.

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