26 | 06 | 2015

The exhibition European Inventors Hall of Fame from 3rd July 2015 at the Technical Museum in Zagreb

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Patent Act in Croatia (Act on Privileges with Respect to Inventions which was adopted in the joint Croatian-Hungarian State Parliament on 7th July 1895), the State Intellectual Property Office in cooperation with the European Patent Office and the Technical Museum in Zagreb hosts the exhibition European Inventors Hall of Fame which will be open to public from 3rd July till 16th October 2015 at the premises of the Technical Museum in Zagreb.

The exhibition European Inventors Hall of Fame is a travelling exhibition that enables the general public to experience in an interesting and interactive manner the inventions of winners and finalists of the prestigious annual European Inventor Award, which has been awarded by the European Patent Office since 2006 and which has recently been presented for the tenth time. The award is presented to outstanding inventors for patented inventions of valuable importance for the community in the following five categories: industry, research, small and medium-sized enterprises, Non-European countries, lifetime achievement and since 2013 in the sixth category Popular prize as well.

The main aim of the exhibition is to display the diversity and far-reaching influence of innovations in everyday life as well as to show how inventions shape our world. Additionally, this exhibition publicly honours exceptional inventors for their contribution to general social, economic and technological enhancement of the society as a whole in order to have their names preserved along with their works and inventions.

Seven interactive and innovative exhibits representing inventions of award winners and finalists will be displayed at the exhibition, namely:

Ann Lambrechts, Engineer and Research and Development Department Head at Bekaert, a Belgian company for steel wire and cords, from Belgium, 2011 European Inventor Award Winner for the Steel wire for micro reinforcement of concrete;

Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice-President, MEMS & Sensors Group, part of the company STMicroelectronics from Italy, 2010 European Inventor Award Finalist for the Three-dimensional motion sensor;

Farouk Tedjar and Jean-Claude Foudraz, Founder and President of the French company for battery recycling named Recupyl S.A.S. from France, 2012 European Inventor Award Finalist for the Method for recycling batteries;

Jaap Haartsen, Senior Expert at the Wireless Systems Department in the company manufacturing Bluetooth headsets named Plantronics from the Netherlands, 2012 European Inventor Award Finalist for the Bluetooth;

Jan Tøpholm, Management Board President of the company for hearing-aid devices named Widex; Søren Westermann Vice-President for Hearing Research and Svend Vitting Andersen Owner of the software company Pallas Informatik, all from Denmark, 2012 European Inventor Award Winners for the Tailor-made hearing aid;

Jason Chin and Oliver Rackham, Head of the Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology, Cambridge, from the United Kingdom, 2012 European Inventor Award Finalist for the Re-engineering protein synthesis;

Josef Bille, professor at the Heidelberg University in Germany, from Germany, 2012 European Inventor Award Winner for the Device for laser eye surgery.

The exhibition has been hosted for the first time in 2013 at Deutsches Museum in Munich on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the European Patent Convention and it has been on display as a traveling exhibition in many reputable museums such as  Citta della Scienza in Naples. On this occasion all technology and innovations lovers in Croatia as well as visitors from abroad will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Admission to the exhibition is possible by purchase of an ordinary ticket for the Technical Museum in Zagreb and the visit is recommended to children aged 8+ and families.

More on opening hours at http://tehnicki-muzej.hr/en/.

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