07 | 07 | 2015

The exhibition European Inventors Hall of Fame has been opened

After Deutsches Museum in Munich and Città della Scienza in Naples, the travelling exhibition of the European Patent Office „European Inventors Hall of Fame“ has been solemnly opened on 2nd July 2015 at the Technical Museum in Zagreb. The exhibition in Zagreb has been hosted and co-organised by the European Patent Office (EPO), State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and the Technical Museum in Zagreb on the occasion of the celebration of 120 years since 7th July 1895 when the first patent act was adopted in Croatia.

The exhibition has been solemnly opened shortly before the 120th anniversary of the patent act in Croatia by Mr François-Régis Hannart, Principal Director, European and International Cooperation at EPO and Mr Slavko Kojić, Head, Finance Office of the City of Zagreb, whereas the director-generals of the exhibition co-organisers also addressed the public.

Mr Hannart stressed out in his speech that this was an exhibition about individuals who helped shape our future with their ideas protected by the patent system and he thanked the Technical Museum and its Director-General Ms Markita Franulić and SIPO and its Director-General Ms Ljiljana Kuterovac for organising this exhibition.

The exhibition co-organisers Ms Markita Franulić, Director-General of the Technical Museum and Ms Ljiljana Kuterovac, Director-General of SIPO also addressed the guests at the exhibitions-the representatives of industry, governmental bodies, scientific organisations, associations, chambers and centres.

The exhibition shall be open to public at the Technical Museum from 3rd July until 16th October 2015.

You can find more on the exhibition and innovators involved at the web page of SIPO or at the web page of EPO.
Opening hours of the Technical Museum can be found here.

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