FORMS FOR TRADEMARKS (in use from 03 May 2017)

Application for the registration of a trademark ( Ž-1 Form )
(273 KB)   (87 KB)
Request for recording of a change in the register (TRADEMARKS)  ( Ž-2 Form )
(196 KB) (53 KB)
Request for the renewal of the registration of a trademark  ( Ž-3 Form )
(195 KB) (54 KB)
Request for a trademark search service 
(730 KB)  
Request for the application for the international registration of a trademark ( MŽ-1 Form )
 (216 KB) (222 KB)
Claim of seniority
(74 KB) (1.669 KB)
Declaration of intention to use a trademark (when designating USA)
(34 KB) (1.666 KB)

Official and commercial publications

  1. Trademark examination guidelines

Informational and promotional publications

  1. Leaflet "Trademarks searching"
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