About Academy

Accelerated development in science, technology, electronic media and communications as well as comprehensive restructuring of the global economy impose a demand for appropriate knowledge of intellectual property system, for the purpose of creating intellectual property as well as for its use. Intellectual property as a basis of innovation and competitiveness is one of the significant driving forces of technological, economical, social and cultural development of the society.

With the objective of ensuring and developing education in this field, State Intellectual Property Office, as an institution that brings together experts with specific knowledge in the intellectual property field, has established Academy for intellectual property. Academy is currently operating within the Service for Cooperation and Education in the Field of Intellectual Property and Communications. The role of Academy is dissemination of knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property and  bringing together experts and scientists who can contribute to education in this field.

The main objectives of the Academy:

  • Continuous professional development of the State Intellectual Property Office staff,
  • Implementation and development of public training programs and trainings  in the intellectual property field,
  • Encouraging the protection and exploitation of intellectual property in the economy,
  • Cooperation with the academic society in development  and implementation of intellectual property curricula.
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