General course on intellectual property (DL-101HR)

General course on intellectual property as distance learning (on-line) teaching technique of the World intellectual property organisation (course designation: DL-101) is one of the most popular forms of general education in this field, which has so far been completed by over 200 000 students worldwide. The course covers all major intellectual property fields as well as necessary knowledge for preventing infringements of intellectual property rights. In cooperation with the World intellectual property organisation (WIPO) the State Intellectual Property Office enables to attend this course in the Croatian language (course designation: DL-101HR) in order to be available to general public in Croatia and the region. The course program DL-101HR is compliant with the original course program DL-101. A certificate which is equivalent to the certificate issued by the WIPO, is awarded to participants who successfully complete the program requirements.

More about the course

Given its general characteristics and simple technical requirements, the course is intended to wide circle of persons who may be interested in intellectual property field :

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Students of all professions
  • State officials
  • Schools
  • Inventors, designers and all creative individuals who wish to improve their own knowledge on intellectual property

The course is taking place biannually - in the spring and in the autumn. The program of the course lasts six weeks and the participant has to choose the best time for study within this period. Tutorial services are provided by a specialist in the intellectual property field who will be of assistance to easier acquire required knowledge.

The course consists of 12 modules, each for a particular intellectual property field. At the end of each module there are questions for testing the acquired knowledge. At the end of the course the final exam is taken. An official certificate is awarded to participants who successfully complete the program requirements.

The course is free of charge, and in the case that the number of registered participants exceeds the highest number of users for the single course cycle, the priority shall be established according to the registration dates.

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