Opposition to trademark registration

If it is established in the examination procedure that your application complies with the absolute grounds for registration it shall be published in the official gazette (the Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette).

The opposition to your trademark registration may be filed within 3 months as from the publication of the application, by the holders of earlier trademarks and other earlier rights, if they consider that your registration would infringe their rights.

In the case of the opposition having been filed, you will be notified of it and invited to submit your observations on it within a prescribed time limit and challenge the allegations referred to in the opposition. After considering your observations, the Office will issue a decision on the acceptance or refusal of your application, taking into account allegations and facts indicated in the opposition and observations on the opposition.

With regard to the fact that the opposition represents a very complex legal procedure, it is recommendable to turn for help to professional representatives.

If the opposition to the registration hasn’t been filed or if it is decided in your favour, the Office will issue a decision on the grant of the right, i.e. it will register the trademark. Before the registration you have to pay, upon the Office invitation, the charges for the maintenance of the trademark.

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