22 | 05 | 2013

Signature of cooperation and bilateral agreements with OHIM

On 21st May, at the margins of the ABBC meeting, and as part of the preparatory work of the coming accession of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union, Ms Ljiljana Kuterovac the Director General of the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia (SIPO) and the President of OHIM, Mr. Antonio Campinos had signed relevant agreements which provide the basis for their full involvement in the financial and technical framework of the Cooperation Fund, Convergence Programme and CTM and RCD dissemination activities.

The Cooperation Agreement and the Bilateral Agreement on promotion and information services on CTM and RCD will come into force next 1st July, the day of accession of the Republic of Croatia. The same day, we expect that the Croatian trade mark data will be available in TMview thanks to the great job of the IT experts from SIPO and OHIM.

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