Utility Model Application

Utility model application comprises:

  • a request for the grant of a utility model (UM-1 Form);
  • a description of an invention;
  • patent claims;
  • drawings – where an invention is such as to be suitable for representation by drawings;
  • an abstract – a brief abstract of the essence of the invention for the purpose of providing technical information.

The details on how to draw particular elements of an application may be found in the Patent Act and the Patent Regulations.

The Office examines whether the prescribed elements of the application have been duly submitted, and accords the date of filing the application on the basis of which the applicant acquires the priority right.

The application is entered in the register of utility models and it is checked whether the procedural charges have been paid. After accordance of the filing date of the application, the applicant may request, if he wishes and subject to payment of the corresponding charges, a certificate of the right of priority.

The application of the utility model, for which the examination determines that it meets the requirements, is not published, but a decision is made on the registration/rejection of the utility model, which can be realized, depending on the orderliness of the application, within a few months.


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